Your support call starts with the registration of your call in the Pluriform subscriber portal. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of this message. There are three categories of messages:

1. Incidents. Pluriform does not function for (a part of) the users. After submitting the call make a phone call to Pluriform. Depending on the seriousness of the incident the call is directly  picked up or in consultation with you on a specific date.

2. Questions. You have a question about (the operation of) your system and you can't find the answer in our knowledge base at the subscriber portal.

3. Changes. Almost anything can be better. If you encouter something that could (of should) be better, then you can contribute to the continuous improvement of Pluriform. Small changes are realized at your request on a date we both agree, for bigger changes, we create a project. Then it is also usually required to participate in the innovation release.

Via TeamViewer we provide remote support; Download the Quick Support software (Windows version) via the adjacent button or download the TeamViewer full version on their website.