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Since 1985 we build information systems for integral support of business processes for - and in collaboration with - our customers. Our familybusiness has grown into a company with multiple partners, over one hundred employees combined, hundreds of customers and thousands of users who work daily with Pluriform.

Our software developers continuously improve and enrich the functionality of Pluriform Base. The Pluriform base consists of extensive ERP software and Pluriform studio with which (mobile)applications can be created ontop of our Base. Since 2003 Pluriform base is extended by partners who create industry solutions for Care, Construction, Charity, Credit Insurance, Logistics and other branches.

Together with our partners and customers we create a continuous flow of improvements and enhancements. Twice a year this results in a new product release, which is available free of charge to all our customers. Almost all upgrade once a year, which makes the upgrading managable and ensures new and improved software is used by all.

Through our evolutionary approach and our own technology we, our partners and our customers, are able to quickly adapt to changes and new requirements.



24 October

Nieuwe abonnees PluriformWorks

Onze branche partner BouwInfosys mag weer een aantal nieuwe PluriformWorks abonnees verwel...

28 March

Tijdreizen met Pluriform Zorg

Het ECD Pluriform Zorg biedt een integraal multidisciplinair dossier waarmee alle zorgprof...

21 March

Pluriform Works sluit zeer goed aan bij onze wensen

Bij installatiebedrijf Van Ginderen ontstond de behoefte om te werken met één geïntegreerd...

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