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Integral work

No accumulation of different applications but one integrated system, that's the power of Pluriform.

Pluriform base contains extensive capabilities in the field of relationship management, financial, personnel, projects, trade and technique. These categories are made up of 120 supporting modules, which you can switch on and off separate from each other. This keeps unnecessary functionality hidden and the information system does exactly what it should do.

Pluriform Base contains many general purpose functionality, what our industry partner complements constantly with functionality specific to your industry, which is manageable to focus on your needs.

Pluriform Basic supports all major business processes (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), personnel administration (HRM), management reports (BI), website and Web portal (CMS). Also supports Pluriform base (authorized) access to information from the entire chain from customer to Office, including subcontractors, multi disciplinary teams and family caregivers.

All supporting modules are free to enter into your Pluriform system. Our industry partners have been added on top of our basic, industry-specific functionality. Look for more details at Branches or Partners or visit the website of a particular partner.

Our industry partners have built on top of our basic software industry-specific functionality, which leads to a branch model. Look for more details at Branches or Partners or visit the website of a specific partner.

If there is no suitable partner for your industry? Please feel free to contact us.

Gepubliceerd op: 19 May, 2014
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